Our Philosophy

Direct investment philosophy. We prefer to invest client portfolios directly into assets including ASX listed securities, interest bearing securities, cash and term deposits. We do this on behalf of our clients rather than via managed fund structures, which provide less transparency and an additional layer of fees. This direct management approach enables us to construct portfolios that are designed to meet each clients unique needs and objectives.

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Client portfolios are all operated as Individually Managed Accounts (IMA). An IMA is a portfolio structure where the investments are owned directly by the client, allowing greater flexibility and control than achieved with common alternative structures like pooled investments and managed funds.

Our private ownership, our direct investment philosophy, our robust and unique institutional investment process, and our portfolio administration service, delivers our private clients a tailored and transparent individually managed portfolio.

IMA’s are becoming increasingly popular amongst investors who want to retain greater control over their investments. They provide our clients with a tailored professionally managed portfolio and allow our clients’ greater transparency over their assets, whilst allowing the flexibility to effectively manage cash flow and taxation.