Our Investment Process

Making money, but also preserving wealth for our clients, is our key objective. We invest our client wealth in a diversified portfolio of investments. We focus on minimising risk, by combining a dual focus on the quality of the investment, with the price we pay for it. With investing its not just what you buy, its also what you avoid. We remain disciplined in adherence to our philosophy and process.

We have a stringent, dedicated investment process. We aim to invest, not to speculate. For equities, we aim to invest in high quality companies that exhibit a history of earnings growth, that pay dividends, have high quality management, and that we believe can continue to grow those earnings. To identify these companies we use our proprietary filtering and valuation process.

While there will be shorter term deviations, over the longer term assets will reflect valuations. What matters are the underlying cash flows that assets generate and how those cash flows grow over time. Our proprietary process seeks to identify those opportunities.

Our investment management core attributes are discipline and diligence. We pride ourselves on having a transparent and reasonable fee structure. We combine our portfolio management services with our tax, retirement and estate planning services.